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President’s Message

We are happy to gift a Dharmavir Anand Dighe English Medium School to the residents of rural area of Akole tahsil.In our days , there were hardly any school of repute in our area. So We started school for rural and urban parents to get quality education. I am delighted to have Dharmavir Anand Dighe English Medium school which will be a great learning destination in the district and nearby areas and the students will not have to migrate to other places in search of quality education. We strongly believe that every student is a unique person with his or her own set of abilities, needs and aspirations. We at Dharmavir Anand Dighe English Medium school are committed to bring out that uniqueness.
Besides academic excellence, the school is committed to inculcate in all its students, strong ethical values of integrity, politeness, kindness and respect for elders. I firmly believe that education should foster
confidence, discipline, clarity in thought and decision-making ability to set and achieve goals, and above all, social responsibility as a life-long process.
The unique pedagogy of Dharmavir Anand Dighe English Medium school is backed up with meticulously laid State-of-the-art infrastructure brings excellence in learning, training and placements. Dharmavir Anand Dighe English Medium school students are groomed to think out of the box and engulf articulation, innovation and team work.
The challenge lies in utilising the changing learning patterns with changes in the methods of instruction coupled with technological advancements, to create an educational experience that will influence the all round development of students and uphold our commitment towards nation building.

– Raosaheb Wakchaure