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Campus Director’s Message

Twenty years ago, an English medium school was started in a village Virgaon in Akole taluka,on a barren hill.Starting an English medium school in a sparsely populated rural area like Virgaon is an unprecedented feat. It was done by Raosaheb Wakchaure, a great devotee of Dharmavir Anand Dighe, the son of the common man in Virgaon . He founded the Antarbharti Rural International Medical Education Trust . President Hon. Raosaheb Wakchaure and Founder Secretary Hon. Anil Rahane. Both youths started Dharmavir Anand Dighe English Medium School in 2001 under this organization as a social commitment even though they did not have financial status. This journey started from only 90 students and today this school is teaching about 2500 students. The main features of this school are the magnificent 40 acre school premises in a natural environment. While teaching English, Indian culture is inculcated in themind of every student . Students from all over Maharashtra come here to get pure knowledge. Anand Gurukul Hostel is a boon for students who come from far away. 1200 students take residential education in all these well-equipped Anand Gurukul. Junior College started from 2018. And to all common parents, no need to send their children for NEET, CET, JEE to the city for any classes .
The Matoshri Radha College of Pharmacy has further enhanced the grandeur of this educational campus with the establishment of the college. Well equipped, huge building with a well equipped computer room for science experiments .We provide tasty Meals, Dining hall for dinner. Hot water to bath , All these facilities are provided. Today, the success of this school is due to the fact that many students from this school have successfully jumped into the space of the world. Along with school education, various activities are implemented for the overall development of the students. The annual gathering of this school is a spectacular event for Maharashtra. Seeing all this glory of knowledge, many awards were constantly sought by this school such as Ideal School, Entrepreneurial School. The success of this “Anandgad” educational campus will continue to grow and one day it will become a big educational university. This educational hub is traveling today with dreams in its heart ..

Prof.Sandip Thorat.
(Campus Director)